Finally..emails are re-created

Ok, We moved to a new server a while ago :) emphasis on a while.. But due to unavoidable circumstances, I just finish creating mlimani emails for everyone who had mlimani email in our previous server. Today!!!! So, that’s one task done:)

Moving on to the next task…figure out the best way to upload all the photos back! I am leaning towards old photo gallery/ at least same kind. I think it is easier to maintain..  (coppermine or gallery or whatever else)

dilemma concerning email/site spam.. :(

There is too much email spamming because alumni directory is open to public! So I am faced with a decision to make if may be its time to make the directory available only for those who have login?
I visited the site advisor yesterday, and I was disappointed that someone review the website as spam based on the emails received from people who are not associated with our organization in way.

Well, send me your comments about what you think should be done to make our information more sucure.

catching up..

hello everyone,

I apologize for not posting sooner; My schedule is crazier than ever! And I am saying that in lighter terms. We have someone who is following up with Tanesco on MAO’s behalf on Electricity Project. Things are looking up, but I will wait to give good news once we wrap up everything. But I believe we will have electricity before this year’s end.

The 2007 Annual Report is complete but not published!! I am going to take care of that in the next coming days!!

Other than that, the focus is to get both projects done before year’s end, recruit more volunteers, get MAO’s bank account in Tanzania setup and write 2008 Annual report!!! These are the goals for this 4th quarter!!


Desks Project: This is where we are

I know our project sponsors, alumni and well wishers would like to know what we are doing on Desks Project! I would like to take this opportunity to explain just that.

As I mentioned in the emails, the first phase of the Desks Project was done in February 2008. In this first phase MAO created the first 50 Desks, which were given to the school in March 2008. Because of your generosity, these first 50 Desks have enabled all students at Mlimani Primary School to have a sit on the desk, and none is sitting on the floor. But, there is still work that needs to be done. A lot of desks are in a bad shape and need to be fixed and some need to be replaced. Therefore, this is still an ongoing project.

Now, we are not creating any desks at the momet for 3 reasons.

1. The Wood type that was used in the first phase might need to be changed. We used “Mpodo”, which is also used by others, but the Teachers at Mlimani are suggesting Mahogany (“mninga” in swahili). There are some suggestions that the desks created using mpodo may not be durable enough, but because mninga is very expensive, we are in a process of finding a balance between costs and quality.

2. We are in the midst of re-evaluating how many desks needs to be replaced, and which ones can be fixed. Ones we know the numbers, we will proceed with the project.

3. Funds; Fundraising has continue to be one of our biggest challenges. Doris, our Fundraising Chair, is working hard to involve MAO in different activities that can help us sponsor this project. But it has been difficult. So if you have pledge to buy a desk, please pay your pledge and if you haven’t, this is the time to do so. You can donate through paypal HERE

The goal:

Our goal is to wrap up this project in the beginning of the 4th quarter, which is October. This will give our project manager ample time to have their reports done before the holiday season begins.

Thank you for all your generosity! Cheers!