Letter – Jan 01, 2009

Greetings alumni and friends of Mlimani!

Mlimani Alumni Organization (MAO) wishes everyone a very happy and prosperous New Year!  We thank you for your generous donations and continuing support that has helped the organization make a difference.  It’s our hope that the days ahead of you will be filled with love, kindness, healthy and all the good stuff because you deserve nothing less.

2008 was an impressive year for MAO, thanks to you!  50 desks were delivered at school, wiring of administrative building was completed, and registration of MAO as non profit in Tanzania was done. 

At the moment, we have suspended the Desk project, so that we can focus on completing the electricity project, which has become more challenging as we move along.  

Last week, Tanesco completed their last evaluation and they are ready to put electricity at school. 

So far, MAO has spent about Tshs. 3,300,000/= to wire the administrative building at Mlimani Primary school.  In addition, MAO have $2970 available for TANESCO Phase, but Tanesco demands Tshs. 5,733,205.20/= to bring the electricity at Mlimani.

Because Tanesco have raised their fee tremendously, we have another challenge on our hands.  We need to raise another $2,500 to help cover the remaining Tanesco costs.

Therefore, I am asking all alumni and friends of Mlimani to come together and make small (or big) donations, so that we can finally complete the electricity project! For those who would like to do so, please just send an email to emmatungaraza@yahoo.com , she is our Treasurer. You can also use PayPal to make donations online, go to the website http://www.mlimani.org for information.

Volunteers and Board members have continued to do a great job for MAO, so thank you for all your hard work. Special thank you to Neyciah Mahenge and Kim Martin for doing tremendous amount of work this past year (2008)! They have come through for MAO in many fronts, so thank you.

You will hear from me again soon.

Happy New year!  Cheers!!


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