Letter – Feb 21, 2008

Greetings Mlimanians:

I am delighted to write to you again, so soon J. We have some great news and I would like to share them with you.

Before I get to that, I would like to ask everyone to update his or her Mailing Address. We are going to start sending flyers, Newsletter, giftsJ ect. Therefore, you do not want to miss this. This information will not be displayed on the website. It’s for internal use only. So make sure, you put the correct information. Go to the link http://www.mlimani.org/people and submit your information.Now, on the good news: MAO has received Taifa Star’s Jersey from alumni, Imani Kajula. He donated them through the company he works for, (NMB Bank, Tanzania). We would like to express our appreciation to Mr. Kajula and NMB Bank. These “Limited edition” of Taifa Star’s Jerseys will be auctioned online sometime in Mid-March during our coming Fundraising Bonanza. I will provide the exact date within the next few days.

Mr. Kajula has also recommended Mlimani Primary School to be part of NMB Annual Drop ball, whereby the NMB Bank will help the school by donating the desks. This will push our desk project to the right direction. Therefore, based on the number of desks that will be donated by NMB Bank, our goal of 267 desks will decrease. I will provide you with more update, once everything is set in motion.

Another Great news, The first phase of Madawati/Desks project, creation of 50 desks is completed today. Hopefully we will have photos soon. Our thanks and appreciation to Desks Project Manager, Ms. Neyciah Mahenge, MAO officers and sponsors.

Phase II is scheduled to start on March 1st, and we don’t have enough donation to make it happen. If everyone who has pledged will pay for their donation, we will be ready for Phase II. So, I am asking everyone to fulfill at least 50% of their pledges before this month’s end, so that we can maintain the momentum on this project.

I mentioned about Fundraising Bonanza on the paragraph above. I am happy to inform everyone that MAO will be hosting ’10 Million Fundraising Bonanza” for the Desks/Madawati Project this coming month of March. We are hoping all alumni and friends will participate in MAO activities including online auction, social events, online donation etc. Doris is working on the schedule of events, so I will be providing that soon.

MAO have new Ambassadorial Committee. MAO would like to have both class Ambassadors and local area Ambassadors (e.g. Class Ambassador for 1990 graduates of Mlimani Primary School or MAO Ambassador for DC area). Frank Kambira has agreed to be our Chair for this committee. He is already involved with day to day operations of MAO, so we are happy for his continuous involvement. Karibu sana Frank and thank you for working with us.

MAO ambassadors are social, kept in touch with other Mlimanians and they are full of creative ideas. If this is you, then email Frank Kambira. His email is Frank.Kambira@mlimani.org It is going to be a huge team, but MAO have great confidence in Frank. Our new edition of Mlimani Connection will be coming out next month in correlation with the Fundraising Bonanza. So stay tuned because there are great things and interesting interviews on this year’s issue. Our editorial team is working hard to make everything happen. We welcome guest writers. If you have anything interesting that you think other alumni should know, please the team. Just send Doris an email Doris.Puja@mlimani.org

We need a lot of new photos from alumni of mlimani. And if you happen to have photos of your days at Mlimani, please send us in an email. We are working on a wonderful fun idea, and we need your help. Email admin@mlimani.org or you can upload them yourself at http://www.mlimani.org/galleries

Thank you very much for your time and corporation. Don’t forget to check for updates on Mlimani Website http://www.mlimani.org or the blog, http://blog.mlimani.orgAlso, Don’t forget to update your address, unless you don’t want to receive any gift J. http://www.mlimani.org/people
Chair, MAO

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