Letter – Feb 15, 2008

Hello Mlimani Alumni and friends of Mlimani:

Happy New Year!!

First of all I must apologize for not being able to give you more frequent updates on our projects. Secondly, I would like to thank all of you for all your efforts in helping MAO and projects to benefit Mlimani Primary School.
In short, in the Electrification Project, the internal wiring phase of the staff building has been completed. We have spent more than T.Shs. 3,000,000/= or USD 3,000. The outstanding item is the subsequent phase of getting Tanesco to supply electricity into the building, a step that is estimated to cost T.shs 2,000,000/= Or USD 1,900. We are trying to get sponsors and also asking Tanesco to discount or subsidize those costs.
Photos showing the electricity projects can be viewed on the blog site http://blog.mlimani.org. If you would like to know the project budget and any additional information please visit: http://www.mlimani.org/umeme

The Desks Project is in progress. The first desk was made in the beginning of February. The cost per desk is Tshs 78,000 or USD 70, twice as much as the preliminary estimates. We anticipate making 50 desks each month until we have enough desks. The cost to make 50 desks is Tshs. 3,800,000/= 0r USD 3,500. We would like to meet a target of 267 desks. The overall cost of making 267 desks is about USD 18,000 or Tshs 20,600,000. We therefore need a lot more of your contributions to make this project successful. So far, weh have about $7,000 in cash and pledges. If you would like to know the costs of timber and other matters please visit the website http://www.mlimani.org/madawati_summary.htm.

Photos showing the desks project implementation are also on the blog http://blog.mlimani.org. There are more photos available that have not been posted on the website. Please visit the website from time to time for more photos as the site is updated.

I would like to thank all the people that have made contributions to these projects. The Project Manager for the Electrification Project was Mrs. Kighenda Mukandala. She managed the project through the holiday season and her efforts are acknowledged and much appreciated.
I would like to extend a word of gratitude to all our sponsors. People who made monetary contributions to the project are listed on the website http://www.mlimani.org/docs/umemepledges.htm. I do not have a list of people who made their contribution at the BBQ in Tanzania. We thank them for their generosity. A hearty word of thanks goes to all MAO officers, both former and current officers (Juanita, Emma, Tahir, Doris and others) who have worked tirelessly without any compensation. Thank you for having the spirit to volunteer and work with MAO in helping Mlimani Primary School. The success of the electrification project shows how giving Mlimani Alumni are. A list of people who have contributed cash towards Desks/Madawati Project is located at http://www.mlimani.org/paidpledges.htmA list of those who have pledged to contribute towards Desks/Madawati project is located at http://www.mlimani.org/donors.php
I would like to welcome and thank the Project Manager for the Desks Project, Neyciah Mahenge. She is doing a great job, and we thank her for volunteering. Her e-mail address is Neyciah.Mahenge@mlimani.org. The progress made in the Desks Project is a result of her efforts.
I would also like to thank and welcome new MAO officers, Joan Minja and Lucy Qorro, who are joining MAO as Finance Officers. Mlimani alumni based in Tanzania who would like to fulfill their pledges and make monetary donations can contact any one of these two officers.
Alumni based abroad can continue going through Emma Tungaraza. Their e-mail addresses are: Joan.Minja@mlimani.org Lucie.Qorro@mlimani.org Emma.Tungaraza@mlimani.org
Their phone numbers will be posted on http://www.mlimani.org, indicating the best times to reach them.We would like to thank the new committee members in the fundraising committee Frank Kambira and Fred Kasungu (Nyau). Coordinating with Doris Puja, they will be communicating with you to remind you to fulfil any pledges you have made and seeking new pledges so that we can complete MAO’s projects.
For now:

  1. We request everyone who made a pledge towards the Electrification Project to make your contributions so that the project momentum is maintained and the project is completed.
  2. We ask those who made pledges to help with the Desks Project to use $70 as the rate per desk instead of the preliminary estimate of $35.
  3. We ask all alumni who haven’t had the opportunity to participate in any of the projects to join hands with fellow alumni in any way you can. If you want to make a pledge to make a monetary contribution towards MAO’s Desks Project you can also use the form available online at http://www.mlimani.org/pledge.htm
  4. We would also like to ask every alumni to enlist the support of their families, friends and companies to support these projects.
  5. I would like to encourage all alumni and friends of Mlimani to volunteer and become part of MAO team. We have several positions available, please visit the website: http://www.mlimani.org/volunteer.htm.We are building a team that will be working on our annual Newsletter, “Mlimani Connection”. For those who are interested in creative reporting and editorial work, I would like to encourage you to join us. So far the team has 3 people, Nancy Asman, Doris Puja and I.

Let me end here for now. There is a lot more going on. For more information, including photos please visit http://www.mlimani.org and also the blog http://blog.mlimani.org.
Also, we would like to provide Mlimani alumni with “mlimani.org” emails. If you would like to have one, please email me.Thank you very much for your support and teamwork. Feel free to email me or other officers about any questions or concerns related to MAO.
Have a blessed New year!
Chair, MAO

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