About eXpress

Mlimani eXpress is a means of communication. Mostly, it aims to provide updates on ongoing MAO projects. MAO stands for Mlimani Alumni Organization and our website is http://www.mlimani.org. Mlimani refers to Mlimani Primary School, which is located in dar es salaam, Tanzania. (inside the university of Dar es salaam)

Sometimes, you might read few ramblings on personal struggles as we are trying to balance our personal responsibilities with MAO duties.

You will read about our successes, failures, setbacks (& agony,..seriously), and be part of MAO’s day to day activities.

I know some people have been confusing mlimani.org as UDSM alumni community! I guess it’s a valid confusion :). But you are all welcome here and in our website. We really don’t descriminate, unless you are a trouble maker–>you know who you are!!! :)

Karibuni wote

Founder & Chair, MAO

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