Part II: Electricity Project …the other side of the coin

So, I know I mentioned inĀ  an earlier post great news on Electricity Project! It’s really a tremendous milestone to be in a place where we have done everything in our part!!!
But you will think that’s the end of it….No No No!!

Apparently, after we have paid a fee close to Tshs. 5.75 Million, Tanzania Electrical Supply Company (TANESCO) claims that they are out of power grid (“nguzo” in swahili), so we are not getting electricity any time soon!!! How sad..

After such hard work, this really sacks! All students, teachers, donorsĀ and alumni of Mlimani are anxious to see the lights get turn “ON”. That will have a huge impact to the school and it’s really important for future projects!!!

I will keep everyone updated if anything changes!!!

One thought on “Part II: Electricity Project …the other side of the coin

  1. d3ptima a Lx Factory. Muito bem apanhada a ponte. Podias ter pidntao o ce9u a verde e mesmo assim ainda ficava f3ptimo. Muito bem apanhado o local, mesmo mt bem.

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