Prof. Othman’s Memorial Services is Saturday, 10:00AM, July 18,Nkrumah Hall, University of Dar es salaam


 Here at Mlimani family, we are very sad to announce the death of Professor Haroub Othman, who happened to be a Tahir’s father. Tahir is a formal Board member of MAO and one of the biggest supporters of development projects at Mlimani. MAO would like to send condolences and prayers to Tahir and the entire Othman family during this  very sad and difficult time

Professor Othman’s memorial (Kumbukumbu) will be this coming Saturday, on July 18, Nkrumah Hall at University of Dar-es-salaam

For those alumni who are in Tanzania, I know you will have a chance to go and see Tahir, and support him  and his family during this difficult time.  For those not in Tanzania, please reply with comments on this post, add prayer or encouraging message to Tahir and his family, and we will send it to them.

If you need any help to find directions to University of Dar es salaam or getting in touch with Tahir, please just send me an email or send an email to Emma, and will connect you.

May god rest his soul in peace.

11 thoughts on “Prof. Othman’s Memorial Services is Saturday, 10:00AM, July 18,Nkrumah Hall, University of Dar es salaam

  1. Tahir and family, my deepest condolences on the passing of your father; may the Lord give you strength during this trying time. Poleni sana.

  2. Hi Tahir,

    I understand that it so painful to lost your loving father, but let I say some thing.
    We are all pass the same passage what differentiate us is time and location. I was one of the of the beneficiaries of his ideas, I was shocked when I heard about his Death. The country has lost one of few COMRED we have, but God knows that us.

    May his soul Rest in PEACE. Amen


    Emmanuel P. Temu.

  3. My Dear Tahir,

    Pole sana na msiba huu mkubwa wa baba yako. Tulipata habari hizi za kusikitisha zilipotokea, lakini kwa ajili ya kuwa mbali nanyi hatukuweza kuhusiana. I have always known your father as the gentleman who he was, a neighbour but mostly as baba yake babu tahir. Then when I was in College at Muhimbili he taught me DS, and Oh my God the brains, full of great ideas!
    God bless him and your whole family. Pole.


  4. Hi Tahir,
    I was deeply saddened to hear about the loss of your father. No one can imagine what you are going through right now but we are praying for you that God gives you the strength to face and endure this terrible loss.

    “God is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit”.

    Mungu aiweke roho ya marehemu mahali pema peponi.


  5. Hi Bob Tihir
    Pole sana kwa msiba wa baba, I know its hard believe me but is going to be okay. i encourage you to be strong for mom and the family, is going to be okay. May God give the family strength and peace to go through this tough time. i will remember you and the family in prayers.

  6. Tahir,

    Pole sana, Mungu awape nguvu na faraja kwenye kipindi hiki kigumu sana. Be strong for mum and the whole family.
    Kwake yeye tumetoka na kwake tutarudi.
    Mwenyezi Mungu aiweke roho ya baba mahali pema peponi.

  7. Familia ya Mao

    Samahanini kwa kutojibu mapema, I just came across these postings. Nawashukuruni nyote kwa salamu zenu za pole. Tumepitia kipindi kigumu ila kinachonipa tabasamu kila siku ni kuona nini mzee kafanikiwa kufanya katika miaka aliyoishi na jinsi watu mbalimbali walivyompenda. Nawashukuru wote,Ahsante sana.

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