Part I: Electricity Project ….Fantastic news

Ok, so Kim is in Tanzania, and as he promised, he followed up on Electricity Project with Tanzania Electric Supply Company!!.  Anyhow, after many dramatic turns, he was finally able to get the Mlimani File and pay for the electricity to be brought to the school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is huge for us!! People have worked so hard for this project, and it seemed like there is no light at the end of the tunnel!! We can probably write a book about our experience in this project. It has been really complex!!

 We really thank you Mr. Kim Martin. I mean this guy is one of the most generous and giving person! He has done so much for MAO and Mlimani Primary; and on behalf of everyone, thank you so much! Thank you for all alumni and friends of Mlimani, who has given money and time to help on this project!

 Now..don’t get too excited!! …I will  be posting part II of this story soon!!

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