Follow ups Phone calls to TZ!!!

Recently, I wake up between 5-7AM and make few calls to Tanzania to follow up on MAO projects before I go to work.

Today, I spoke to 3-key individuals who are involved with Madawati project. First, I spoke to Mr. Safari who will be selling us Mbao; an alumnus volunteer referred MAO to him (thanks Kim). He has given us a fair market price for Mbao, if not the cheapest and guarantees quality. You can refer to madawati proposal for information. Mr. Safari is always ready to do business, so he has no problem to deliver this weekend. That is good news! I did not give him any advance notice, so I was worried of a possibility that he might not have what we need in such a short time.
My second call was to Mr. Edward, the carpenter. Mr. Edward and his team will be creating the madawati/desk for MAO. Since we are buying our own mbao, the labor charge is 18,000Tshs. Again, it is a very fair price, if not cheapest. Someone else was charging us more than double this amount. Mr. Edward is also ready to start the project. We agreed on two things. First, he will go to Mwenge, to see Mr. Safari and provide instructions about cleaning the Mbao and misumari sizes. Second, he will meet with the rest of the team at the delivery location on the day of delivery.
Move on to my last call, which was to Mr. Emmanuel, MAO’s lawyer. This man has done so much for MAO! Now, he is helping us making sure all contracts are good and is helping us in other financial matters. I spoke to him about multiple issues, which happens to be confidential to MAO key individuals.
Tomorrow, I will call the Head teacher and give her some updates, so she can be ready for madawati project.

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