“Mahogany” vs “Mpodo” ….small Challenge

We are facing a small challenge on desk project.

Headteacher, Ms. Pendo Kujerua, expressed concerns about the type of lumber that is being used to create the desk. She had approved on this before the project, but a lot of teachers have brought to her attention that it’s better if we can change it to Mahogany type of lumber.

For Phase I, we used what they call in Tanzania “Mpodo” type of lumber. A lot of new schools use this also because it is more affordable than Mahogany (“Mninga” in swahili).Because MAO wants to support projects that can have impact on students for the longest possible time, all MAO officers have also agree that starting with Phase II, we will be using Mahogany type of lumber. This means the budegt for Desks Project will go higher than earlier estimates. It is my hope that our sponsors will continue to help on this project.


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