Monthly Archives: October 2008

dilemma concerning email/site spam.. :(

There is too much email spamming because alumni directory is open to public! So I am faced with a decision to make if may be its time to make the directory available only for those who have login?
I visited the site advisor yesterday, and I was disappointed that someone review the website as spam based on the emails received from people who are not associated with our organization in way.

Well, send me your comments about what you think should be done to make our information more sucure.

catching up..

hello everyone,

I apologize for not posting sooner; My schedule is crazier than ever! And I am saying that in lighter terms. We have someone who is following up with Tanesco on MAO’s behalf on Electricity Project. Things are looking up, but I will wait to give good news once we wrap up everything. But I believe we will have electricity before this year’s end.

The 2007 Annual Report is complete but not published!! I am going to take care of that in the next coming days!!

Other than that, the focus is to get both projects done before year’s end, recruit more volunteers, get MAO’s bank account in Tanzania setup and write 2008 Annual report!!! These are the goals for this 4th quarter!!