Monthly Archives: April 2008

NO MORE Photo gallery or discussion forum…at least not now

After much consideration, the integrated phpbb2 Discussion forum had to be removed because of security concerns. I will create a simple discussion board that alumni can use to send messages (hopefully soon).
I also removed the gallery that was using Coppermine. I undestand this is such a bummer L, but the gallery was too slow and some crazy dude/dudette had posted some spam photos. I just had enough of that.
So, hopefully soon, I will be adding a new gallery which is much faster and user friendly.
All the photos are safe. I have stored them somewhere. So not to worry for those who have submitted their photos.

I apologize for any inconvenience.

We are officially Open for Bidding!!

The Fundraising auction is officially open for bidding!! This is an exciting opportunity to show that you care! We are auctioning the Taifa Stars Jerseys that were donated by Mlimani alumni, Imani Kajula from NMB bank. This is a great deal! You give and receive J Buy for a good cause. Choose to make a difference. Here is the link to the auction.

I will be adding more items everyday. It takes about a day for MAO missionFish Account to get updated from ebay. So some of the items have been posted but are not showing up yet.


Mlimani Alumni Interviewed by CNN

Ok, Mlimanians!! We are on map! Alumni of Mlimani Primary School, Mr. Godfrey Mwampembwa (Gado), who is a Cartoonist, was interviewed by CNN on early March. I got an opportunity to speak to him briefly on the phone last week. He was at Washington University in St. Louis. I will be interviewing him this coming week for Mlimani Connection Newsletter!

Here is his interview with CNN

Touching base with a Board Member in TZ

Today, I spoke to Kim, who is in our Advisory Board. Kim went to Tanzania last month. Even though he is in vacation, Kim has been following up with MAO projects. It’s great to have such a dedicated person in our team. He is following up with the final stage of Electricity Project and checking prices for Desk Project. As a Board member, Kim understand MAO’s mission and thus he can provide us with a different view on things. Especially, since he has opportunity to check the results of our work first hand and speak to the teachers and vendors that MAO is dealing with during the projects.

MAO is always looking for ways to minimize the costs, which will means achieve bigger results and have even greater social impact. Cheers!

Finally …we are getting somewhere:)

Lately, I haven’t had much sleep, but finally, all the planning is coming together. The 2008 Bonanza is launched and all events will unfold as we are moving along. I am now working on auction site. I had to put that aside to deal with everything else. I am really looking forward to the Bonanza events. I hope you are too.