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Mission ‘MissionFish’

As I was trying to find a way to setup an auction in our website for the Fundraising Bonanza, I came across “eBay Giving Works.” After I discussed the matter with other Mao officers, we agreed that it will be best to host our auction at this site, especially, because it is specific for charity.

To be part of eBay Giving works, you have to register with missionFish. Yesterday, I submitted our registration application to missionFish. We are registering as small non profit with less than Revenue of $5,000 annually (per IRS definition).

As I was defining MAO in missionFish application, I had to spend sometime reading IRS rules on tax-related matter for charity. We didn’t have much fundraising in the middle of last year, but in the end we had raised money for electricity project. So I had to be sure we are still called “small non-profit”. Especially after I found out that once the organization does not qualify as a small non profit, then organization has to file for tax-exemption within 90 days after that tax-year end.

After I applied the Gross receipt test provided by IRS, I was RELIEVED to find out that we are still a small non profit. But nevertheless, we are going to submit our exemption application this year, probably sooner than later.

Here is the Gross Receipt Test

For purposes of the gross receipts test, an organization normally does not have more than $5,000 annually in gross receipts if:

  1. During its first tax year the organization received gross receipts of $7,500 or less,
  2. During its first 2 years the organization had a total of $12,000 or less in gross receipts, and
  3. In the case of an organization that has been in existence for at least 3 years, the total gross receipts received by the organization during the immediately preceding 2 years, plus the current year, are $15,000 or less.

We pass both 3 test. So, we have nothing to worry about for now. This year, our goal is bigger, thus, before this tax-year ends, it will be best to have exemption applied for.That’s what we will do.

Not so much “March” Fundraising Bonanza ….

I would like to apologize about this matter. Even though we were hoping to launch the fundraising Bonanza by mid- March, we have had some challenges that could not be avoided. Consequently, in the last Advisory Board meeting, we agreed that the events will be extended to April 30th, 2008. The event details should be out by end of next week. Therefore, stay tuned and thank you for your understanding.

Not enough time.. :)??

Ok, I don’t use the word “busy” as an excuse NOT to have the work done. Right now, let’s use the phrase: “MAO has a lot of things that need to be done and not enough time.”

I was hoping to have the website portal changed by now as part of preparation for the fundraising bonanza, but my schedule has been more than full. Nevertheless, I have managed to get few things done. I have already setup the calendar of events, yearbook and shout out page . I just need to integrate everything to the new main site, which I have yet to design.

In our last meeting, the Advisory Board agreed that we will extend the Fundraising Bonanza events to the end of April. All MAO officers have been working hard to get everything ready for this month.
Nevertheless, this coming weekend is going to be MAO weekend for me. I am putting everything aside, so that I can finish to setup the website and to review all reports from MAO officers (project reports, budgets and all other information).

I will evaluate our progress and determine what needs to be done in the next week, so that we can officially launch the Fundraising Bonanza.


Alumni donates $1700 towards Electricity Project!!!

Kim Martin has donated/raised $1700 to help us complete the last phase of Electricity Project. This is wonderful news on Electricity project. We have been trying to get the Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO) to waive the fee, so that we can afford to finish this project. But the process is moving so slowly. Now we can afford to complete this last phase without fee waiver.

Kim has been one of our main sponsors. Since we have started the projects, he has raised/donated more than $3,500. We really appreciate his efforts. Absolutely amazing.

I will be making calls to Tanzania, so that Tanesco can go to Mlimani Primary School to put electricity.Thank you very much Kim Martin. Stay blessed.

Pictures from NMB Ball Drop!

Mlimani Primary school participated in NMB Bank, Tanzania Annual Ball drop in February. During the event, NMB Bank gave Soccer balls to various schools, to encourage pupils to participate in outdoor activities.

Another part of this NMB project is to help schools improve their academic environment. This year Mlimani Primary School will receive desks.

One of our own, Mlimani alum, Mr. Imani Kajula is a Marketing Manager at NMB. He is definetely putting the word out there about Mlimani. We thank you Imani. Enjoy photos from the Ball Drop.