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“Mahogany” vs “Mpodo” ….small Challenge

We are facing a small challenge on desk project.

Headteacher, Ms. Pendo Kujerua, expressed concerns about the type of lumber that is being used to create the desk. She had approved on this before the project, but a lot of teachers have brought to her attention that it’s better if we can change it to Mahogany type of lumber.

For Phase I, we used what they call in Tanzania “Mpodo” type of lumber. A lot of new schools use this also because it is more affordable than Mahogany (“Mninga” in swahili).Because MAO wants to support projects that can have impact on students for the longest possible time, all MAO officers have also agree that starting with Phase II, we will be using Mahogany type of lumber. This means the budegt for Desks Project will go higher than earlier estimates. It is my hope that our sponsors will continue to help on this project.


Editorial Team….

We have three amazing young women who have joined Doris and myself for the production of Mlimani Connection, our yearly newsletter. We have Nancy Asman, Siaeli Moshi and Victoria Ngelula. It has been great working with them. They are energetic and full of ideas. We have great interviews in the coming issues and so may great stuff! You don’t want to miss, so stay tuned. The Newsletter will be out on mid-March.

Ambassadorial Committee..

After much thought, I decided it is time to establish a committee that will encourage alumni to interact in their own local areas and be able to voice their ideas a little more. I think it will be great for alumni to network and exchange ideas within informal gatherings. Frank Kambira has agreed to become our Chair for this committee. He has been supportive of MAO from the beginning and always volunteers when we need help. He is already part of MAO’s day to day operation, so he is very dedicated to see MAO’s goals succeed. He is smart, social and creative. The qualities that will help him succeed in this new job. I am hoping we will have Local Area Ambassadors and Class Ambassadors. Welcome to the team Frank.

First Phase for Desks Project is Complete!

The first 50 Desks have been created!! It’s great to finally see results on this project. Volunteers and all officers have worked so hard in raising funds, finding vendors and follow up the project to completion. I am very proud of the team. Our Project manager, Ms. Mahenge has done a great job for us!

Now the challenge is to find the funding for Phase II. We do not have enough funds for the next 50 desks. I hope all alumni and friends of Mlimani will be generous and donate/pay for their pledges before the March starts. I am really hoping to have the next 50 desks done by end of March. Cheers!!

Small Victory from Godaddy :)

Finally, I was able to convince Godaddy that the database for Coppermine Gallery does exist, and they know where it is. That happened after I provided proof J I know you all want to know. But I will just leave it at that. I have called Godaddy like 10 times to request this database access. They always say, they don’t have it and I do!! But I never had access to it. I have read so many horror stories about similar problem from other Godaddy customers. I guess I got lucky!!

So, sum up this story, I finally got the dump file for this database. I hope I will be able to restore it to the current version of Coppermine. This will have to wait for now, there are other important things.

MAO gets Taifa Star’s Jerseys!!

Lately, MAO has good news everyday. This week, Imani Kajula, an alumni who works for NMB bank in Tanzania, has donated Taifa Star’s Jersey to MAO, so that we can auction them and raise funds for Desks/Madawati! Taifa Star is Tanzania’s National Soccer team.We thank Imani and NMB Bank. This is coming at the right time, as MAO is planning to host a 10 Million Fundraising Bonanza in few weeks. Get your pocket books ready everyone, the auction will be sometime in mid-march. Stay tuned for the Bonanza schedule of events.

Paying for the Pledges :)

I decided to write about this important topic. We have the information on the website, but a lot of people who have pledged have mention that they don’t have the information on how to fulfill their pledges. So here is the information.

A. If you are in Tanzania:
You have to make your payment in cash and in person to either one of our Treasurers
Treasurer contact information
Name: Joan Minja (she is available Fridays and Saturdays)
Telephone: 0713-455633

Name: Lucie Qorro
Telephone: 0713-502626
B. If you are in USA, UK or NOT in Tanzania

You can make payment by check, wire transfer or money order.
All Check and Money order payments should be made payable to Mlimani Alumni Organization.

Send check or money orders to the address:
Mlimani Alumni Organization
P. O. Box 49
Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068

NOTE: For those who would like to wire funds, please Email our treasurer to get the information. For security reasons, we will not publish the account numbers on the website.

Treasurer Contact Information:
Name: Emma Tungaraza
Tel: 614.316.1881

Fundraising Bonanza!!

This past weekend, I spoke to our Fundraising Chair, Ms. Doris. The progress on paid pledges is slower than expected, so she proposed we host a Fundraising week/month that we will focus on raising funds. Therefore, MAO will be hosting a huge Fundraising Bonanza to raise more than 10 Million Tshs (USD 10,000) for Desks Project/Madawati. We are working for this to happen this coming month. In the meantime, Doris and her team will continue to call people and urge them to pay for their pledges. So Stay tuned!

Playing catch Up…!

Ok, it has been quite in here for couple of days!. Overall, things have been running smoothly this month. The Desks project is continuing very well. The first 50 desks should be done by the end of this month as scheduled.

I am facing another challenge with our website. The database for the old coppermine gallery is hidden. I just reinstall a new version of coppermine, which I have access to its database. I am not sure how I will move all the information from the old database, that godaddy refuses to give me access. It’s a dillema Ooh….well.

On other issues, I have finally emailed Mlimanians and friends of mlimani the updates on projects and what’s going on at MAO. I have realized that I need more tools to make my job easier. I had to spend more than 30 minutes just to create a script to retrieve all emails and move it to CSV file, clean it up and then write the letter. Now, after I sent an email, I realized that it didn’t have a subject. Sorry folks? I will re-send that email tomorrow. I am out of SMTP relays for today!

I have to stop for now…Cheers!