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MAO Receives 10 books from Board member

I am very proud to announce that, one our own board member, J P Kilasara, just released a self help book entitled “Taking Control of Your Money” – A Financial Guide for Young Professionals”

We are very proud of Juanita, congratulations!!!

As always, she has been very generous with MAO and in supporting Mlimani projects. She has donated 10 of her books to be auctioned in raising funds to pay the remaining expenses from Electricity Project. Thank you Juanita!!

Part II: Electricity Project …the other side of the coin

So, I know I mentioned in  an earlier post great news on Electricity Project! It’s really a tremendous milestone to be in a place where we have done everything in our part!!!
But you will think that’s the end of it….No No No!!

Apparently, after we have paid a fee close to Tshs. 5.75 Million, Tanzania Electrical Supply Company (TANESCO) claims that they are out of power grid (“nguzo” in swahili), so we are not getting electricity any time soon!!! How sad..

After such hard work, this really sacks! All students, teachers, donors and alumni of Mlimani are anxious to see the lights get turn “ON”. That will have a huge impact to the school and it’s really important for future projects!!!

I will keep everyone updated if anything changes!!!

Part I: Electricity Project ….Fantastic news

Ok, so Kim is in Tanzania, and as he promised, he followed up on Electricity Project with Tanzania Electric Supply Company!!.  Anyhow, after many dramatic turns, he was finally able to get the Mlimani File and pay for the electricity to be brought to the school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is huge for us!! People have worked so hard for this project, and it seemed like there is no light at the end of the tunnel!! We can probably write a book about our experience in this project. It has been really complex!!

 We really thank you Mr. Kim Martin. I mean this guy is one of the most generous and giving person! He has done so much for MAO and Mlimani Primary; and on behalf of everyone, thank you so much! Thank you for all alumni and friends of Mlimani, who has given money and time to help on this project!

 Now..don’t get too excited!! …I will  be posting part II of this story soon!!

Alumni donates $1700 towards Electricity Project!!!

Kim Martin has donated/raised $1700 to help us complete the last phase of Electricity Project. This is wonderful news on Electricity project. We have been trying to get the Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO) to waive the fee, so that we can afford to finish this project. But the process is moving so slowly. Now we can afford to complete this last phase without fee waiver.

Kim has been one of our main sponsors. Since we have started the projects, he has raised/donated more than $3,500. We really appreciate his efforts. Absolutely amazing.

I will be making calls to Tanzania, so that Tanesco can go to Mlimani Primary School to put electricity.Thank you very much Kim Martin. Stay blessed.

Electricity/Umeme Photos




The tube lights at teachers office

Finally! I have the photos to prove our progress on Electricity Project! I am happy to see them and I know all alumni, sponsors, and Mlimani Primary Well wishers will be very happy to see these photos also. Now the challenge is to get help from Tanesco. We need a fee Waiver from Tanesco. The estimated Tanesco cost is approximately 1.7 Million Tshs ($1700), and that is from last year, if they recalculate the cost to reflect current prices, the fee will be even higher. A big corruption scandal involves Tanesco might affect our progress with Tanesco people. You can read a full about it: . I wish things will move little faster, but at this point, my hands are tied. The manager who is helping us would like to send someone at Mlimani Primary School to re-evaluate what needs to be done and he will decide how to help us. Recently, one of our alumni sponsor initiated another contact for us. We are waiting on his lead. Therefore, we will keep our options open, and hoping for great results.Cheers!

Accomplishment & Thank YOUs!

The good news is that we manage to complete the wiring phase of Umeme/Electricity Project. The financial committee is still working on the actual budget information, but the estimated cost is about $3,000 for wiring of the Administration block, which is used as an office for all the teachers at Mlimani Primary School. This is a big accomplishment for MAO because just less than 4 months ago, we only had $200 for this project. Therefore, I am proud of MAO team for all the hard work in raising funds and finishing this phase of the project. Another BIG thank you is to our Alumni Sponsors. Their willingness to give their donations to MAO and put the trust on us is very appreciated. So Cheers! J

Phonecall to the Headtecher!!

This morning, I called Mrs. Kujerua, who is the Head-teacher of Mlimani Primary School. She informed me that the wiring phase of Electricity/Umeme Project is complete, as expected! This is great news because the deadline to complete this phase of the project is January 31st, 2008. Although, a concept of having timeline/deadline on a project is a common sense, there are challenges associated with it when you are running non-profit organization, only based on volunteerism and no one is paid. I will blog about the challenges of enforcing the deadline next time.Nevertheless, I was able to update the Head-teacher about the upcoming events on Madawati/Desk project. As always, she expressed her appreciation to everyone who is involved in making all the things happen. Everyone at Mlimani Primary School is very excited about what we are doing, and frankly, so is MAO team. After hard work in the last 4 months, finally, we are seeing the results! let’s drink to that :)I also called our Project Manager for Umeme/ Electricity project, Ms. Kige. She was in the middle of giving a lecture J, so I had to promise to call her again next time. But later on the day, I received an email from her with updates. She promises to have financial documents related to wiring phase of Umeme Project ready by the next. So that’s great. She has done marvelous job for MAO. We appreciate all her work.