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What’s going with MAO?!

Great question!  I just wanted to take time and provide updates on nothing. We literally have nothing going on right now. There are major changes that will be coming soon.

The good news is that after May 7, I will be free as a “bird” for more than a month. I am hoping to use the time  to catch up with MAO Project planning and revamping of our website.

I am hoping we will get prepared to move forward with next big project by end of the year. In the meantime, the plan is

1. Revamp the website ASAP by updating the contents, add back photo galleries and possibly a forum. Hoping to use CMS to make easy in future maintance.

2. Finish up with MAO application on 501 (c) 3

3. Inventory our items and other donations

4. Settle debts to Alumni……Part  of money used to complete electric project was borrowed

5. Identify 3 projects and have alumni choose one;

6. Write the proposal for the new project, recruit volunteers and project managers

7. Raise funds for the project and Go for it…get the project done!

That’s our entire Agenda for the next one year and a half!!!!!

NOTE: We will have a mini-reunion party this year in Ohio (September)for sure, since many alumni will be attending a wedding of one of our board members!

Alumni donates $1700 towards Electricity Project!!!

Kim Martin has donated/raised $1700 to help us complete the last phase of Electricity Project. This is wonderful news on Electricity project. We have been trying to get the Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO) to waive the fee, so that we can afford to finish this project. But the process is moving so slowly. Now we can afford to complete this last phase without fee waiver.

Kim has been one of our main sponsors. Since we have started the projects, he has raised/donated more than $3,500. We really appreciate his efforts. Absolutely amazing.

I will be making calls to Tanzania, so that Tanesco can go to Mlimani Primary School to put electricity.Thank you very much Kim Martin. Stay blessed.