What’s going with MAO?!

Great question!  I just wanted to take time and provide updates on nothing. We literally have nothing going on right now. There are major changes that will be coming soon.

The good news is that after May 7, I will be free as a “bird” for more than a month. I am hoping to use the time  to catch up with MAO Project planning and revamping of our website.

I am hoping we will get prepared to move forward with next big project by end of the year. In the meantime, the plan is

1. Revamp the website ASAP by updating the contents, add back photo galleries and possibly a forum. Hoping to use CMS to make easy in future maintance.

2. Finish up with MAO application on 501 (c) 3

3. Inventory our items and other donations

4. Settle debts to Alumni……Part  of money used to complete electric project was borrowed

5. Identify 3 projects and have alumni choose one;

6. Write the proposal for the new project, recruit volunteers and project managers

7. Raise funds for the project and Go for it…get the project done!

That’s our entire Agenda for the next one year and a half!!!!!

NOTE: We will have a mini-reunion party this year in Ohio (September)for sure, since many alumni will be attending a wedding of one of our board members!

MAO Receives 10 books from Board member

I am very proud to announce that, one our own board member, J P Kilasara, just released a self help book entitled “Taking Control of Your Money” – A Financial Guide for Young Professionals”

We are very proud of Juanita, congratulations!!!

As always, she has been very generous with MAO and in supporting Mlimani projects. She has donated 10 of her books to be auctioned in raising funds to pay the remaining expenses from Electricity Project. Thank you Juanita!!

Closing the curtains….The school has Electricity!

I am very proud to announce that since September 2, 2009, Mlimani Primary School has electricity!  There are so many people who have helped to make this project a reality! Thank you! Thank you very much! The obstacles on this project were many, but we prevailed!

After more than 2 years of hard work, more than  $10,000 spent, countless hours of volunteers’ time, we are finally here! 
I will be writing the final project report and post pictures within the next few weeks!


Part II: Electricity Project …the other side of the coin

So, I know I mentioned in  an earlier post great news on Electricity Project! It’s really a tremendous milestone to be in a place where we have done everything in our part!!!
But you will think that’s the end of it….No No No!!

Apparently, after we have paid a fee close to Tshs. 5.75 Million, Tanzania Electrical Supply Company (TANESCO) claims that they are out of power grid (“nguzo” in swahili), so we are not getting electricity any time soon!!! How sad..

After such hard work, this really sacks! All students, teachers, donors and alumni of Mlimani are anxious to see the lights get turn “ON”. That will have a huge impact to the school and it’s really important for future projects!!!

I will keep everyone updated if anything changes!!!

Funeral Announcement for Mlimani Primary School’s former assistant principal: Mwalimu Nziku a.k.a Mrs Florida E. Mbande

Mlimani Family in joining mlimani alumni, Tulalola Mbande in this sad announcement to inform friends and colleagues that, her beloved mother and friend, Mwalimu Nziku (Mrs. Florida E. Mbande)

passed away on Sunday 16th Aug 2009.

Mwalimu Mbande taught Mlimani Primary school between 1988 – 2005. She was an English  teacher and was once an assistant principal. 

The church services will be held at University of Dar es salaam Chapel, on Wednesday,  August 19, 2009  starting at 1:00pm followed by burial services at Sinza cemetery  at 3:00pm

Mwalimu Mbande leaves behind six children. Robby, Thecla and Faraja (Class of 1993), Tulalola (Class of 1995), Victor (Class of 1997 & Doreen (Class of 2005).

She was kind, loving, caring mother, friend and a good teacher. She will always be remembered by many. We love you so much mom

May her soul rest in peace

Prof. Othman’s Memorial Services is Saturday, 10:00AM, July 18,Nkrumah Hall, University of Dar es salaam


 Here at Mlimani family, we are very sad to announce the death of Professor Haroub Othman, who happened to be a Tahir’s father. Tahir is a formal Board member of MAO and one of the biggest supporters of development projects at Mlimani. MAO would like to send condolences and prayers to Tahir and the entire Othman family during this  very sad and difficult time

Professor Othman’s memorial (Kumbukumbu) will be this coming Saturday, on July 18, Nkrumah Hall at University of Dar-es-salaam

For those alumni who are in Tanzania, I know you will have a chance to go and see Tahir, and support him  and his family during this difficult time.  For those not in Tanzania, please reply with comments on this post, add prayer or encouraging message to Tahir and his family, and we will send it to them.

If you need any help to find directions to University of Dar es salaam or getting in touch with Tahir, please just send me an email admin@mlimani.org or send an email to Emma,  emmatungaraza@yahoo.com and will connect you.

May god rest his soul in peace.

Part I: Electricity Project ….Fantastic news

Ok, so Kim is in Tanzania, and as he promised, he followed up on Electricity Project with Tanzania Electric Supply Company!!.  Anyhow, after many dramatic turns, he was finally able to get the Mlimani File and pay for the electricity to be brought to the school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is huge for us!! People have worked so hard for this project, and it seemed like there is no light at the end of the tunnel!! We can probably write a book about our experience in this project. It has been really complex!!

 We really thank you Mr. Kim Martin. I mean this guy is one of the most generous and giving person! He has done so much for MAO and Mlimani Primary; and on behalf of everyone, thank you so much! Thank you for all alumni and friends of Mlimani, who has given money and time to help on this project!

 Now..don’t get too excited!! …I will  be posting part II of this story soon!!

Light at the end of the tunnel!

Ok Great news! Kim, who is a former board member of MAO and close adviser will be travelling to TZ! And has already volunteer to help with logistics in complete the Electricity Project while in Tanzania. I really think we will be done by the end of July with Electricity Project!! This is really exciting!

I will keep you updated!


Big Congratulations!!

Ok!!! Big congratulations to one of our own Board member, Mr. Robert Rwebangira! He has completed his PhD dissertation at Carnegie Mellon University. So he will be getting his PhD in Computer Science next month!! We are very proud of you Robert!